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Revista Essachess Vol.7 Nr.1 Din 2014

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Vol.7, No.1 (13)/2014

◊ Les conflits damenagement dans la communication environnementale. Argumentation et dissemination de contenus environnementaux
◊ Lespace public a lepreuve du phenomene antinucleaire en France (1962-2012)
◊ The fracking debate in the media: The role of citizen platforms as sources of information
◊ Sustainable innovation in intensive animal husbandry; policy and public protests towards a mega-farm in the Netherlands
◊ Transnational communication and domestic environmental policy learning
◊ The communication of the risk of coastal erosion in Portugal: a global problem, a local trouble

Coordination du numero: Pieter LEROY et Marie-Gabrielle SURAUD
This special issue of ESSACHESS – Journal for Communication Studies, entitled "Environment and communication", focuses on the processes of communication through which environmental issues conquer and gain their omnipresence. Even though one may largely agree on the increasing societal momentum over environmental issues, the processes of communication thereon cannot be conceived as linear or univocal. They are rife with disagreements and controversies. The gradual pervasion of environmental issues paralleled by varying conceptions and translations of their very nature, diverging ideas on their seriousness and urgency, and multiple and even contradictory strategies to tackle them. In other words, the adoption and incorporation of environmental issues in different spheres of society is mediated by ongoing communicative processes of multiple interpretations, adaptations and transformations.
The contributions to this special issue illustrate and unravel these transformation processes in different spheres: the transformation of civil societys environmental concerns and debates, the transformation of environmental public policies, the emergence of so-called environmental economics, the reconfiguration of research resulting from environmental issues priority, etc.
Aurelien Allouche, Angels Alvarez, Edouardo Basto, Anne Bergmans, Bruno Bouet, Laura Centemeri Mikael Chambru, Dario Colombo, Jose Maria Herranz, Jules P.P. Hinssen, Lummina Horlings, Gerald Lachaud, Maja Larsen, Duncan Liefferink, Ilse Loots, Teresa Mercado, Manuela Porcu, Denis Salles, Benoit Sautour, Frederic Vandermoere, Sietske Veenman.

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Caracteristici tehnice Revista Essachess Vol.7 Nr.1 Din 2014 2066-5086-7
Autor Anna Todd
Colectie Fiction Connection
Data aparitie 2015
Numar de pagini 640
Format 200 x 130 mm
Subcategorie Romane de dragoste, Carti romantice
Categorie Beletristica
Editura TREI
Autor Alina Ene
Data aparitie 2017
Numar de pagini 188
Format 140 x 110 x 7 mm
Subcategorie Culegeri Auxiliare
Categorie Manuale Carte Scolara
Autor Ion Albu, Radu Georgia
Data aparitie 2010
Numar de pagini 312
Format 180×240
Subcategorie Medicina
Categorie Medicina Si Farmacie
Editura ALL
Data aparitie 2015
Numar de pagini 185
Format 16×23
Subcategorie Carti copii in limbi straine
Categorie Carti Pentru Copii
Data aparitie 2015
Numar de pagini 168
Format 16×23
Subcategorie Carti copii in limbi straine
Categorie Carti Pentru Copii
Autor Ana-Maria Andreea Szilagyi
Colectie Academica
Data aparitie 2008
Numar de pagini 286
Format 165×235 mm
Subcategorie Pedagogie Metodica
Categorie Stiinte Umaniste
Data aparitie 2014
Numar de pagini 218
Format 160×240 mm
Categorie Reviste

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